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Veterans’ Residential Treatment Programs for Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders in  Alabama

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Bradford’s Inpatient Addiction Treatment Center near Birmingham, AL

At Bradford at Warrior, you’re never alone in your battle against addiction. The dedicated staff at our Warrior Lodge and Limestone Ridge campuses specialize in helping veterans affected by alcohol and drug addiction begin healing their minds, body, and spirit. Located near Birmingham, we provide round-the-clock guidance and tailored care, integrating innovative clinical approaches with 12-step principles to forge a durable foundation for lasting recovery.

Services offered at our Alabama Residential Rehab Facility:

    • Top-rated facilities designed to provide a safe, supportive residential environment
    • Complete medical and mental health assessments upon admission
    • On-site medical detox services
    • Individual and group therapy sessions
    • Recreation, mindfulness, and wellness activities
    • Extended Care Program
    • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
    • Continuing Care, Alumni, and Community Support Groups
    • Specialty Programming and Career-Based Tracks
Alcohol & Drug Rehab Programs Tailored to You



Addiction Treatment For Your Needs

We understand that veterans like you need a place of understanding and support. We listen closely, get to know your story, and then develop a customized treatment plan tailored to every phase of your recovery journey.

Our treatment programs on the Warrior campus are specifically designed with veterans in mind. With diverse options, including various levels of care and specialty programs, we craft a treatment plan that addresses your unique physical, emotional, spiritual, and lifestyle needs as a veteran.

Recovery is a journey we take together.

Recovery is a journey we take together.

Overcome alcohol & drug addiction in a supportive community of veterans.

Bradford’s Central Alabama residential rehab facilities, Warrior Lodge and Limestone Ridge,  provide a safe and comfortable place for veterans to begin their recovery by directly addressing substance use and mental health concerns. Set within a tranquil forest, the natural beauty and lodge-like atmosphere provide calm and clarity, allowing veterans to focus on their sobriety.

Clinically-Proven Addiction
Rehab Programs

Bradford’s addiction treatment programs for veterans skillfully combine 12-step teachings with proven clinical and medical treatment models. Our specialized team of medical, clinical, and recovery support professionals delivers high-quality care, accredited by the Joint Commission and recognized for its effectiveness by the VA and top insurance companies.

Our experienced and compassionate team leads a variety of therapeutic interventions tailored specifically for veterans. These include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Family Therapy, Individual and Group Therapy, and Recreational Therapy, designed to meet the distinct needs of veterans navigating the recovery process.

Find Sobriety in the Beauty of Nature, with the Comforts of Home

The tranquil natural setting at Warrior offers a serene and motivating environment for veterans to begin their recovery journey. Our facilities are secure and secluded yet easily accessible from Alabama’s major cities and highways.

Addiction can be a deeply isolating experience, which is why our Warrior campuses are specifically designed to cultivate a sense of community, a fundamental element of our treatment approach. The home-like amenities of our cottages and the expansive dining and recreational areas provide comfort and the chance for veterans to connect with peers with similar backgrounds and experiences.

A Healthy, Whole Way of Life in Recovery

Exercise stimulates the release of endorphins, essential for rejuvenating a system deprived of the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Our holistic recovery approach for veterans emphasizes physical wellness and mindfulness, incorporating fitness, yoga, and meditation activities.

At our Warrior Lodge and Limestone Ridge campuses, veterans can engage in adventure-based counseling on our outdoor ropes courses, which add an element of fun. The Challenge Courses, one of our most popular activities, symbolize overcoming recovery obstacles through the strength of community, resonating deeply with veterans’ shared experiences.



We accept insurance plans from most providers, including TRICARE, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Humana, Aetna, and are a Veterans Community Care Network (VACCN) provider. Contact us to learn what benefits are available through your plan.

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Long-Term Recovery is Within Reach

Long-Term Recovery is Within Reach


Veterans facing challenges in establishing or maintaining long-term sobriety often require extra support to address deep-seated issues from their service, including unresolved grief, trauma, chronic pain, or co-occurring disorders.

Bradford’s Extended Care Program, situated at our Limestone Ridge campus, offers specialized programming and intensive therapy tailored for veterans. This includes addressing issues like inadequate support networks, poor coping mechanisms, and cognitive impairments.

The extended duration of the program allows us to thoroughly assist veterans in tackling these challenges and in learning effective strategies for managing triggers and preventing relapse. Additionally, Extended Care supports veterans with return-to-work and licensure requirements, particularly those in safety-sensitive positions.

The Bradford
Bradford offers a complete continuum of care across its network, making it possible to customize treatment plans to match each patient’s specific needs and circumstances.


Bradford’s inpatient rehab centers offer intensive treatment programs for alcohol or drug addiction in a safe, supportive residential environment.
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Our veterans outpatient programs offer morning and evening sessions throughout the week and can provide more flexibility with your schedule.
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Long Term

Our Reprieve programs use a unique blend of intensive education and reflection on the 12 Steps with community service and life skills programming.
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Commute to addiction and mental health treatment, and begin your recovery journey in a supportive community.


Safe, comfortable, and supportive: detox at Bradford helps you begin your recovery story with peace of mind.

Extended Care

Our Extended Care program helps veterans who’ve had a difficult time establishing and/or maintaining
long-term sobriety.

Care Created for Those Who Have Served

Comprehensive Veterans Addiction Programs

Hero’s Path offers a safe and inclusive space to embrace your true self, reclaiming your resilience, strength, and purpose. At Bradford at Warrior, we use a unique blend of clinically proven therapies and physical treatment plans to treat addiction in veterans and military servicepersons. 

Addressing Trauma & PTSD
Effective Pain Management
Support for Grief & Loss

Bradford’s Residential Treatment Programming Offers Multiple Clinical Modalities

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral Therapy



Motivational Interviewing


One Call Can Change Everything

We’re here for you. Recovery advisors are available 24/7. 



Addiction & Recovery Resources

At Bradford at Warrior, we not only treat drug and alcohol addiction but are dedicated to educating people on how to recognize, heal, and help prevent addiction.
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Understanding Addiction

Addiction is a chronic disease that affects each veteran differently. Knowing how people develop a substance use disorder and the common signs is critical to understanding.
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Clinical Education Courses

Presented by experts across the treatment industry, our quarterly webinars provide contact hours for providers and feature various addiction and mental health topics.
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Recovery is one call away

Embrace the courage to change today and begin your journey toward healing and renewed hope in addiction treatment. Our Recovery Advisors are available 24/7 to talk.