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Veteran-Specific Addiction Treatment Admissions Process

Take the first step towards a healthier, brighter future with our ACTIVE-DUTY MILITARY and VETERANS ADDICTION TREATMENT  PROGRAM

Call us at 205-334-1679 for information about our addiction treatment programs and resources for your loved ones. The dedicated Hero’s Path admissions team understands VA processes, VA Community Care Network and TRICARE benefits.

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Addiction rehab for veterans and military in AL and TN

Why Choose an addiction treatment program designed for Veterans?

We designed our Veterans Recovery Program to address the unique challenges veterans and their families face when seeking addiction treatment.

Hero’s Path combines our proven clinical substance use disorder treatment with an innovative approach to care developed to address the unique needs and challenges of veterans.

Our dedicated program liaisons guide veterans and their families from the beginning, ensuring a smooth and efficient admissions process. We also offer assistance in validating Mission Act eligibility criteria and verifying Veterans Community Care Program (VCCP) benefits.

Helping Our Veterans Find the Right Treatment Program

Getting into a Veterans Drug Rehab Program Admissions

Getting You or a Loved One in Treatment

The first step of reaching out for help is often the hardest. Offering your loved one the full support and care needed to overcome this barrier to addiction and rebuild a fulfilling life is a vital part of the recovery process.

 Our dedicated staff understands the veteran and military experience. We can help you start the conversation.

Referring patients to addiction treatment VA Community Care Network

 Referring a Patient to Hero’s Path

When referring a veteran or military member to our Hero’s Path program, you equip them with the resources and support necessary to combat addiction and return to a healthy, productive life.

We’ve streamlined our admissions process to ensure you can seamlessly connect your patients to our program.



We accept insurance plans from most providers, including TRICARE, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Humana, Aetna, and are a Veterans Community Care Network (VACCN) provider. Contact us to learn what benefits are available through your plan.

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What is a typical day of treatment like?

Our programs generally consist of six and a half days per week of monitored personal time and structured therapy. Patients participate in group and individual therapy sessions, and loved ones have the opportunity to participate in family therapy sessions.

Other therapeutic methods may include groups that address specific areas of recovery, spirituality group meetings, adventure-based therapy, and information about chemical dependency. Regular attendance at 12-step meetings is required.

Hero’s Path also addresses the invisible wounds veterans often carry, such as trauma, complex PTSD, pain, and grief, which may significantly influence their substance use patterns.

What should I bring?

  • Enough seasonally appropriate clothing for up to one week
  • Comfortable clothing and appropriate shoes for adventure-based therapy and exercise (if recommended)
  • Appropriate sleepwear
  • Music may be listened to via an external speaker. No headphones are allowed.
  • Personal toiletries (must be alcohol-free products)
  • Prescription medications (if applicable)
  • Driver’s license and insurance card (a prescription card if it’s different from your medical insurance card)
  • A small amount of money for incidentals

What not to bring

  • Any products containing alcohol
  • Illegal substances and paraphernalia
  • Any clothing or materials that display profanity, alcohol/bar advertising, or drug slogans
  • Candles or incense
  • Expensive jewelry or excessive cash
  • Tanning oils, hair dye, or bleaching products
  • Guns or weapons of any kind
  • Personal computers
  • Headphones
  • Exercise equipment

Click here for a complete list of allowed and prohibited items for residential rehab.

Are Hero’s Path addiction treatment facilities accessible to veterans and family members who need special accommodation?

Yes. All of our Hero’s Path facilities comply with ADA specifications.

I have other questions. How can I get more information?

Please call us any day of the week at 205-334-1679. Trained in Veterans Affairs (VA) processes, our team is there to guide you at every step.


Are you worried that you or a loved one might have a problem with drugs or alcohol? The following Risk Assessments are simple yet effective tools designed to reflect on alcohol and drug use. While not diagnostic, these brief questionnaires can prompt important conversations and guide the questions you bring to a healthcare or recovery professional. 


The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test evaluates alcohol use, drinking behavior, and alcohol-related problems to identify harmful drinking patterns.


This acronym CAGE stands for Cut down, Annoyed, Guilty, and Eye-opener, reflecting the four questions aimed at identifying problematic substance use.

Please note: The results of these self-administered screening tools are not intended to constitute a diagnosis of alcoholism or drug-use disorder. They should be used solely as a guide to understanding your alcohol and/or other drug use and the potential associated health issues. The information provided here cannot substitute for a full evaluation by a health professional.

Your Rights as a Patient

You can be assured of privacy and confidentiality … before, during, and after your treatment at any of our veterans addiction treatment facilities. It’s the law. And it’s a protection we safeguard for each one of our patients. Learn more.

Note: The confidentiality of all information, including patient and family/significant other identity, discovered during participation in any Hero’s Path/Bradford Health Services program is protected by Federal law and regulations. Bradford Health Services or its program participants may not say to a person outside Bradford Health Services’ program that a patient or family member/significant other has attended the program or disclose any information identifying a patient or family member/significant other unless:

1. the patient/family member/significant other consents in writing as required by Federal regulations;
2. the disclosure is allowed by a court order; or
3. the disclosure is made to medical personnel in a medical emergency.

Heal Together. Heal Stronger.

The courage to overcome addiction is within you. Our dedicated team is ready to help you take the first steps toward real, lasting recovery.  You are never alone in this journey, we are here for you.